Maria Oganova

Maria is native to Russia, born and raised in Moscow. She has a young, clear and friendly voice. She is fluent in English and possesses an international accent. Maria speaks Spanish as an additional language. After graduating from a London university with a degree in Film Studies, Maria pursued her passion for Media and her keen interest in Sound. Maria has worked in two reputable post-production houses and is currently training in sound operations. During her training she has had an exclusive opportunity to observe Voice Over sessions. This knowledge and experience adds to her ever-growing understanding of the post-production process. Maria also has prior experience in Russian-English translation, both in Russia and the UK.

Alyx Hanbury

Alyx originally planned to become an Army Medic... but switched soldiering for Shakespeare to train at Arts Ed, where she won the Sir Alec Guinness Award. Her light, bright, fresh voice is perfect for fun, upbeat kid/teen reads and she handles funny stuff beautifully, having competed in comedy-impro death matches. Thankfully, no-one dies in these. It's a metaphor.

Molly McGlynn

Molly, who recently appeared in Coronation Street as Leah Buckley, is a Manchester based actress. Recently she was selected to represent ALRA in the BBC Carleton Hobbs Award. Her voice is clean, clear and bright; she is a natural at bringing a script to life, from commercial reads through to naturalism; A very versatile up-and-coming talent. Her voice is clean, clear and bright; she is a natural at bringing a script to life, from commercial reads through to naturalism; A very versatile up-and-coming talent.

Sophie Wardlow

Sophie has an appealing, friendly and silvery voice with the ability to play a range of ages and the additional capability to do a variety of different tones for different types of projects e.g. narration, commercial, storytelling and corporate. Previous work has included the Yorkshire Tea commercial, Laser eye surgery and flight company adverts, IVR, dubbing for film and commercial, foreign language apps and a long term phonetic / language contract for Kaplan International Colleges over a year and a half.

Florian Schwienbacher

Florian is a professional actor and voice over artist with eight years of experience in Theatre and Musical. More recently he has been working mostly in TV and Film. He is both German and Italian native speaking due to his particular background, growing up in South Tyrol, a German minority in northern Italy.

Sarah Jane Duncan

Sarah Jane Duncan is a Scottish actress; she graduated from ALRA with distinction in 2013 and since has worked in theatre, film and TV. She has played a wide range of characters from a devout Christian to a manipulative voice inside someone’s head. Her native accent is Scottish but she has also been trained in a northern and an RP. Sarah had to use her Northern accent working with BBC One in ‘From Darkness’ as the show is based in Manchester. She likes to challenge herself with her acting roles and dedicates herself to each one.

Komal Amin

Komal has an energetic and friendly voice which can bring to life a range of scripts. As a London based actor, she trained at East 15 and has experience in corporate and educational reads with companies like Barclays Capital and The British Council. Komal is a versatile artist who is fluent in Spanish and Gujarati, and has a strong grasp of German.

Maud Arrault

Going from young and friendly to warm and smooth, Maud's versatile voice and subtle accent made her become the corporate voice of international companies such as GSK, Orange and Swarovksi. She also worked on various projects, recording internet adverts, educational documents and ADR sessions. In studios, she uses both French and english equally, and also speaks fluent Italian.

Sophie Coward

Sophie Coward is a professional actress who trained at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. Originally from South Manchester, she enjoys less traditional pursuits and has a passion for stage combat. However, nothing can beat a good book. Sophie has been an avid reader all her life and still knows the ‘Measly Middle Ages’ Horrible History audiobook by heart, including all the voices! Previous work includes Manchester City FC’s ‘Boots’n’Beats’ campaign and regularly recording with London-based charity, Listening Books.

Jennifer Carss

Jennifer is a Geordie actor and graduate from Manchester School of Theatre. Her work includes BBC Radio 4 play 'Stannington' playing the lead Nurse Dawson. She has worked on varying commercial pieces and most recently a fantastic educational project through Edcoms.