John Fielding

John is a fairly new voice to the Manchester scene. With a quirky style of delivery, he's best suited for those projects which need a spot of interest injected into them!

Paul Alborough

Paul, aka Professor Elemental, is a cult icon. Best know for his mad chap-hop music (which features a love of Steampunk, time time travel, orangutans, tea and battenberg cake), he's performed the world over. When not being The Prof, he can be found running therapy through music workshops, working with disadvantaged children and adults alike.

Yavor Karaivanov

Yavor has had extensive ADR experience in Bulgaria, having participated in many projects, dubbing hundreds of characters, from little boys and teenagers to any kind of crazy cartoon characters and old frail men! He is even the Bulgarian voice of Miss Piggy in the last Muppets movie. Clients include they Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon

Stephanie Walls

A super character voice, Steph's speciality is in children's cartoons (if most of our voices are technicolour, Steph is neon). She brings great energy to every job she's on and is a whole heap of fun to work with.

Clara G Vega

Clara G. Vega is a dubbing actress and voice talent with 10 years of experience. She co-worked as an actress in the corporative Identity of RPA and she was a Weather Presenter on regional public TV for 3 years.

Marie Ekins

Marie is an experienced Northern FVO with her own ISDN studio. She has a characterful sound and is also great at straight reads. She has voiced TV and radio commercials, e-learning modules, corporate presentations and website narratives. She works with numerous production companies and ILR’s. Her previous clients include the NHS, Vernon’s Bingo, Chit Chat Bingo and Provide Insurance. Production companies include Absolute Media, Matinai Animations, VTR North, Realtime UK, The Media Trust, Edvantage Group, UKRD, the Life Channel, Bauer Media, Brickwall Films, Pace Media, Global Radio and many more.

Aaron Page

If you're looking for a happy, young and upbeat voice with heaps of character, then Aaron's your man. He always brings scripts to life with his cheeky style and will bring a smile to any listener's face. Recent clients include McDonalds, Match Attax trading cards, Fiat and Owl Claimline.