Valerie Campbell

Confident yet engaging, quick-witted and articulate Valerie is the complete presenting package A natural narrator, possessing infectious enthusiasm and a zest for communicating with an enticing blend of chat, humour, and character voices Through an extensive career in radio, tv and performance, Valerie has occupied some keynote roles, such as in Peace FM radio, Coronation St and Manchester Carnival. Presenting Peace FM's Wednesday Morning Breakfast Show, Valerie developed a reputation in Urban morning talk In addition Valerie has performed at numerous events as dj/compare/host.

Paolo Coruzzi

Paolo Coruzzi is an Italian singer-songwriter and theatre director, born and raised in Turin, Italy. He has composed and produced more than twenty albums, starting his career in 1992. He is a singer, songwriter and guitarist; he has been writing and performing songs since the age of eight. Now he is an experienced performer as well as an accomplished song-writer with lots of experience in a live environment as well as in the recording studio. He's started his career in theatre and cinema in 1998 and after an intensive training period in prestigious drama schools in Torino, he's spent seven years acting and improving his skills in theatre direction at the Teatro Regio di Torino. In the 2002 he's started directing and writing a considerable number of plays and short films. He is founder and director at Arthalia Theatre Company in London. Art is his guide, his life...his passion.

Paul Alborough

Paul, aka Professor Elemental, is a cult icon. Best know for his mad chap-hop music (which features a love of Steampunk, time time travel, orangutans, tea and battenberg cake), he's performed the world over. When not being The Prof, he can be found running therapy through music workshops, working with disadvantaged children and adults alike.

Maggie Mizzi

Maggie has been doing voiceovers in English and Dutch for over 20 years, specialising in IVR automated telephone systems and corporate video work. Past clients include British Airways, Aviva, GSK, Intel, Microsoft, McAfee, ING, RCI and Bank of New York. Of Mediterranean, Dutch and British heritage, she had a trilingual upbringing, speaking a combination of English, Dutch and Italian. After an initial year of studying French, she went on to do a joint honours degree in Dutch and Italian. Besides the English and Dutch voice work, she has recently added Flemish to her CV thanks to time spent working in Brussels.

Berenice Weichert

At the young age of eight, Berenice was discovered for her extraordinary voice variability and started her career as a voice actress in Berlin, Germany. She has participated in more than 1000 voice-over projects, mostly in a leading role. Her recent work includes Hollywood movies such as “Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation”, “Captain America”, “The Avengers” and “Hercules”, as well as TV and radio commercials, video games and documentaries. In 2013 she started writing German dubbing scripts (e.g. for “Nashville”) and worked as dubbing director for a hospital series (“Emily Owens MD”). Since Berenice is also a medical doctor, she is also involved in the production of teaching videos for the renowned Charité Hospital in Berlin.

Neil Carter

Neil's from West Yorkshire and moved to Manchester in 1990. He is an experienced trainer and presenter, with television television credits including Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks plus a variety of experience in short films!

George Gregoriou

George is a very experienced Greek voiceover, who has provided his voice to LBC, Heart, Radio Mercury, LGR and also many TV Commercials for Greece and Cyprus such for clients such as Powerade, Texaco, Intimmissimi and Smirnoff. George has also narrated many productions for Greek television. When he's not voicing, you can see him playing the bouzouki for his band, Venus!

Sarah Matelart

A real mic lover, Sarah started recording her voice on a Fisher-Price toy when she was 5! Her passion for broadcasting let her to complete a masters' degree in journalism in Brussels, while working for a local radio station. Since 2006, she has pursued a successful career as an all round presenter, newsreader and reporter in Europe and the UK. She's been described as a refreshing, zestful voice with a sophisticated and confident approach to her work.

Pedro Gonzalez-del-Valle

Pedro Gonzalez-del-Valle is a voice talent and dubbing actor with more than 12 years of experience. He designed and developed the Corporate Sound-Identity of Principality of Asturias public radio (RPA). It meant the recording, mixing and editing of more than 3000 sound pieces. He also worked as a dubbing actor in TV series. Furthermore, he is a Sound Engineer and has worked in live control (theaters and broadcast), but he mostly specialized in recording and post-production techniques.

Clara G Vega

Clara G. Vega is a dubbing actress and voice talent with 10 years of experience. She co-worked as an actress in the corporative Identity of RPA and she was a Weather Presenter on regional public TV for 3 years.