Emily Goldie

Emily is a Yorkshire girl born and bred, and graduate of Manchester School of Theatre. Currently based in Leeds, she is Co-Artistic Director of Children's theatre company Curly Tales. Emily was recently seen playing Crumble in Crumbles Search for Christmas at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. She has a natural, honest and fresh sound with a warm Northern Accent.

Maria Oganova

Maria is native to Russia, born and raised in Moscow. She has a young, clear and friendly voice. She is fluent in English and possesses an international accent. Maria speaks Spanish as an additional language. After graduating from a London university with a degree in Film Studies, Maria pursued her passion for Media and her keen interest in Sound. Maria has worked in two reputable post-production houses and is currently training in sound operations. During her training she has had an exclusive opportunity to observe Voice Over sessions. This knowledge and experience adds to her ever-growing understanding of the post-production process. Maria also has prior experience in Russian-English translation, both in Russia and the UK.

Oriane Pick

Oriane is a French London based Actress and VO Artist who's been working in the industry for more than 10 years, starting on Stage until she moved to London a few years ago to nurture her career in TV & Film as well as Voiceover. Having lived all around the world, Oriane speaks French, English, Spanish as well as a bit of Russian. When she isn't on set or doing voiceovers, Oriane can be found at the movies, or in the nearest French cafe eating a nice and warm 'pain au chocolat'!

Alishan Aslan

Alishan is a London based actor and voice over artist who recently graduated from Arts Educational Schools London with a degree in acting. He is a fluent English & Turkish speaker and has a solid grasp of both accents. He is also a musician who can sing, play the piano and compose electronic music.

Meghan Louise Taylor

With her versatile vocal talents and experience from stage to screen, Meghan Louise Taylor is sure to be an asset in bringing your script to life! Initially an opera singer, Meghan’s study and understanding of vocalisation makes it easy for her to create the individual atmosphere your project requires. Her range is a broad one, from a naturally clear and positive tone which works well for a more corporate sound, narration, or promotion, her cheerful and bubbly timbres are more applicable to cheeky styled advertising! Hailing from America, Meghan holds a broad range of regional accents in her arsenal and don’t forget her singing voice!

Fenn Elevera

Fenn has been in the voice over business for over 10 years and is a trusted Dutch voice for both commercial and corporate/business jobs. Her voice is bright and trustworthy. A professional and trained actress, Fenn is capable of taking direction and will change her vocal delivery as needed by you. Her flexibility even allows her to convey an array of characters and ages, which is why she is a favourite in children's television too and is the new television voice for Jim Jam TV. Fenn is not only a regular and reliable voice over, she also works as a voice coach and director and has recently directed the official internet voice for Google in the Netherlands.

Katherine McDermott

Katherine is an Aussie-British actress based in Manchester, who has a clear, warm and engaging voice who can do a range of regional and international accents. Commercially, she has a broad vocal range, switching between youthful to authoritative with ease. She is full of sass with a flair for comedy.

Mimi Gopsill

With a background as a BBC producer, Mimi brings with her 15 years experience of producing content (including hiring/directing voice talent), alongside working as an independent voiceover herself. Mimi's passion is in creating effective, quality audio content. Her unique experience of having worked both in front of and behind the microphone means that Mimi is intuitive to producers’ creative and editorial needs - she is able to pick up direction quickly. Mimi has also had acting for radio training and recently worked on BBC Radio Drama productions. Mimi's voice covers a 20s-late 30s age range with a neutral Southern/RP/neutral London accent. Her voice is natural, warm, friendly, streetwise, soothing and smooth. In addition to the above Mimi is also a singer and a Mandarin Chinese speaker.

Vicky Warham

Vicky is a voiceover artist and radio presenter. Hailing from Blackpool, she's perfect for young, fun reads. She has done work for a wide range of clients, including IKEA, Dorothy Perkins, Global, Greggs and Absolute Radio. When she's not behind the mic, she can be found at music festivals or in a hot yoga class!

Heather Burns

Although she was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, Heather isn't your average American girl. She has been living and studying in the UK for five years where she began studying musical theatre in Liverpool. She then studied Acting for Live and Recording Media at The Arden School of Theatre in Manchester, where she is currently based. Her voice is warm and trusting.