Munirih Jahanpour

Munirih Grace Jahanpour grew up performing and playing the violin from the age of 4. Whilst still at school she took master classes at the Graz University for Music and the Performing Arts from 2005 - 2011. She then took a break from performing and studied Law at The School of Oriental And African Studies, University of London where she graduate with First Class Honours in 2014. Subsequently Munirih went to Drama School in Los Angeles where she studied with the renown acting coach Ivana Chubbuck. Munirih is also an alumni of the National Youth Film Academy. She is now based in London where she has just completed playing the lead in three plays at the London Fringe theatre 'Theatro Technis'. She soon to be seen on a number of UK and US TV shows.

Parviz Azadian

Parviz started his voiceover career by narrating of one Anton Chekhov’s short stories. From there, he's gone on to do a multitude of corporate jobs and journalistic pieces (including a stint with Radio Kooche, an Iranian radio station based in Washington). He's also worked on documentary pieces about the late Freddy Mercury.

Parissa Mobasher

Parissa both reads and writes in Farsi and also speaks with different regional accents. After completing an acting course at Regent's College in 2011, she decided to concentrate on voiceover work. Currently, Parissa works at Cambridge and Oxford University.