G-Rod is a hugely experienced actor and voiceover artist. Based stateside, he has had roles in 24:Legacy, Orange is the New Black and The Walking Dead, to name a few! He's also a keen sportsman and enjoys bodybuilding, football and martial arts. His voice is versatile and suits a range of projects!

Vicky Warham

Vicky is a voiceover artist and radio presenter. Hailing from Blackpool, she's perfect for young, fun reads. She has done work for a wide range of clients, including IKEA, Dorothy Perkins, Global, Greggs and Absolute Radio. When she's not behind the mic, she can be found at music festivals or in a hot yoga class!

Syed Raza

Although he is now based in London, Syed was born in Pakistan, so speaks Urdu as his native language. He is able to handle a range of voiceover work, including cartoons, narration, corporate work and games.

Heather Burns

Although she was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, Heather isn't your average American girl. She has been living and studying in the UK for five years where she began studying musical theatre in Liverpool. She then studied Acting for Live and Recording Media at The Arden School of Theatre in Manchester, where she is currently based. Her voice is warm and trusting.

Mike Nicholson

Mike's voice has been heard on over thirty local, regional, networked and national radio stations across the UK since late 1990s. In the last few years he has increasingly been called upon to voice projects in overseas territories stretching from North America to the Far East, as well as the UK. He still keeps his hand in as a presenter, freelancing for stations owned by UKRD, Lincs FM Group and Bauer Media in the north of England and the East Midlands. Mike is currently based in the North-East.

Sanjo Ogunseye

With over ten years’ experience providing voiceovers for international clients such as Emirates, World Vision and Shell, Sanjo can handle a wide variety of work, ranging from documentaries to commercials. As well as English, Sanjo can speak Hausa and Yoruba languages fluently!