Kate Fallis

Kate Fallis is a bright and bubbly Australian newsreader, now based in the UK. Hailing from sunny Queensland, Kate has over four years experience in the media industry. After graduating from the Queensland University of Technology, she quickly moved into radio presenting, and eventually decided to make the move to England. She's worked with Brisbane's hit radio station Nova 106.9, independent Gold Coast station Hot Tomato, and now local station The Bay, based in Lancaster. She has also been the Evening Show Presenter on The Bay Radio. In the short time Kate has been in the country, she's been awarded with "On Air Contribution of The Year" at The Bay, and her news team has received bronze for "News Coverage of the Year" at the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards 2016. Her reading style ranges from young and casual, to strong and corporate. With her unique Aussie twang, Kate comes across as upbeat and friendly, but also credible and trustworthy in her tone.

Alexander Rodriguez

Alexander is a very experienced Spanish voiceover, whose clients range from computer games to corporate and medical pieces. He's also a trained singer too!

Joshua Wuenschel

Joshua Wuenschel is an experienced Canadian voice over artist (cool eh?) With a versatile vocal range, and a deep baritone voice. He can bring a large range of voice skill to the table from cartoonish or brooding to commercial or documentary. He is experienced with a background in film and animation, and is always up for a new challenge whether it is for animation, commercial/corporate, or documentary voice over work. Contrary to popular belief he doesn’t like maple syrup...but he can ride a moose.

Janin Stenzel

Janin is a very prolific German dubbing artist from Berlin, who has worked on a whole host of films (some of the actresses she has dubbed include Shailene Woodley, Mia Wasikowska and Zoe Kazan). She also has extensive experience in audiobooks, commercial work and corporate pieces.

Alexandra Velice

Alexandra is an experiened Russian voiceover artist. She has worked as a regular artist for Art4Art in Southampton and also on a number of corporate and commercial projects both here in the UK and in her native Russia.

Richard O’Donoghue

Rich is a down to earth lad, a bit of a cheeky chap, with the ability to voice comical, clubby, college and in your face reads as well as warm reassuring reads, with a bit of gravitas. His work has included voicing for commercial radio networks in the UK, Dubai and Monaco. Rich also voices for corporate videos and on-hold messaging. Over the last 20 years Rich has worked in the entertainments industry both in the UK and Spain and presented his own TV show for Living in Spain TV. With a background in commercial radio production Rich understands the creative process of bringing a script to life and this is evident in his approach to voice work.

Molly McGlynn

Molly, who recently appeared in Coronation Street as Leah Buckley, is a Manchester based actress. Recently she was selected to represent ALRA in the BBC Carleton Hobbs Award. Her voice is clean, clear and bright; she is a natural at bringing a script to life, from commercial reads through to naturalism; A very versatile up-and-coming talent. Her voice is clean, clear and bright; she is a natural at bringing a script to life, from commercial reads through to naturalism; A very versatile up-and-coming talent.

Shabana Hussain

Shabana is an established actress, with 16 years under her belt. Fluent in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi, recent clients include Expedia, Nationwide and The World Food Programme

Sara Lynham

Hailing originally from New Zealand, Sara is a musical theatre and stage actress so as well as her natural kiwi accent she is an accurate Australian and can do RP. She has a very versatile voice that can be both clear and bright or smooth and full of gravitas - a truly engaging voice to listen to. In addition to commercial work, Sara is very keen to get into voice over for gaming and animation.

Russell Richardson

A very experienced actor, Russell knows a thing or two when it comes to both acting and voicework alike! Equally at home on stage, in front of a camera or behind a microphone, Russell is sure to bring any project to life.